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The Corrs - Best of The Corrs (Download Free)

The Corrs - Best of The Corrs

Best of The Corrs
is the first of The Corrs' compilation albums featuring previously released songs as well as new tracks. The new single that was only released and featured in this compilation is "Would You Be Happier". After six months from the album's release, it turned multi-platinum worldwide.

  1. "Would You Be Happier"
  2. "So Young (K-Klass Remix)"
  3. "Runaway"
  4. "Breathless"
  5. "Radio" (Unplugged)
  6. "What Can I Do?" (Tin Tin Out Remix)
  7. "The Right Time"
  8. "I Never Loved You Anyway"
  9. "Irresistible"
  10. "Forgiven, Not Forgotten"
  11. "Lough Erin Shore" (Unplugged)
  12. "Only When I Sleep"
  13. "Love to Love You"
  14. "All the Love in the World" (Remix)
  15. "Everybody Hurts" (Unplugged)
  16. "Give Me a Reason"
  17. "Dreams"
  18. "Make You Mine"
Australian bonus track

19. "Lifting Me"

Spain / Argentina/ Mexico bonus track

20. "Una Noche (featuring Alejandro Sanz)"


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The Corrs - Best of The Corrs (Download Free)
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